About Us

Founded in 1983, for over three decades Trident has been providing Technology services to commercial and governmental entities. Trident’s scope of activities is diverse and includes innovative solutions for business and technology requirements. We are well versed in scientific research and system engineering.

Trident personnel are composed of highly educated Masters and PhD level experts who solve complex engineering problems and provide support to organizations who need the highest level of technical knowledge and expertise to deliver the best services or products to their clients. We are engaged in research, design and development of scientific sophisticated system engineering instruments for the International Space Station to modeling Global Climate change of the Earth’s atmosphere. Trident has also developed innovative custom software for commercial applications in hosted and licensed modes. Trident’s areas of expertise are:

  • System Engineering Services
  • Scientific Research & Modelling
  • Information Technology Services
  • Wireless Technologies Including Satellite Research and Development
  • Microwave Wide Area Technology Services
  • Project Management Services

Trident’s offices are located in Arlington, VA and Greenbelt, MD with data center facilities in Washington, DC.