We provide a host of IT services to various businesses and government agencies. These services include the following:

Trident’s IT Cyber Security Services combine best-of-breed technology, market-leading intellectual capital and experienced security professionals to help organizations plan and implement sound security management solutions. Using standards-based methodologies, Trident provides services covering the complete security management lifecycle, which comprises the following phases: Discovery, Design, Deployment, Management and Training. Providing a sound foundation for the security management lifecycle, Trident’s professional services consultants can help establish and evaluate security policies, design solutions and processes to meet business objectives and educate in-house staff. These highly trained experts are certified information security professionals who provide proven solutions for any organization looking to protect mission-critical information at the network, server and desktop levels.

Trident's range of security services includes the following:

  • Web site Security Reporting & Analysis
  • Ransomware Security Analysis & Protection
  • Penetration Testing
  • Compliance & Auditing
  • Phishing Protection & Analysis
  • Digital Forensics
  • Network Access Security
  • Wireless Access Security
  • Firewall Security Service and Firewall appliance implementation services
  • Virtual Private Network Implementation
  • Network Intrusion testing and services
  • Virus Protection Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Cyber Disaster & Recovery Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment Services

Cyber threats can come from the outside as well as the inside of your organization. Inside threats can come from employee negligence or lack of knowledge or simply from malicious  or politically motivated employees. Outside Threats can come from hackers, malware, thieves or vendors. No matter where the threat comes from IBM studies indicate that the average cost per breach is about $4 million and ends up in loss of clients and reputation as well as bring on litigation against the organization.

Through a well implemented and tested strategy, we have developed the Trident Cyber Methodology (TCM) which analyzes the organization's Cyber footprint and provides for solutions to prevent and defeat Cyber attacks. Download our Cyber Security Brochure click here for more detail

Cyber services plans are offered on a one time or annual recurring basis. Our plans come as standard, silver and gold versions and follow our TCM process for small  to large enterprises. Please contact us for more detail.