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Simplifying the operational procedures involved in tracking and communicating with and managing people is a challenge in any business. ExtendTimeTM is a Time and Attendance application offered in licensed and hosted versions to streamline all Time Management functions of the organization. ExtendTimeTM was developed specifically for Cisco IP Telephony and in collaboration with Cisco Systems, Inc. ExtendTimeTM leverages Cisco's infrastructure in an enterprise to deliver a Time and Attendance solution to the enterprise. The ExtendTimeTM application is designed to improve operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction while effectively managing time and attendance information.  This solution offers a solid ROI through automating data collection, audits and reporting, and reducing the costs associated with manual time cards, payroll error rates, and administrative data entry.  ExtendTimeTM can be accessed through web browsers, IP phones, regular land and cell phones as well as hand punches swipes and many other input devices... more>>