In its government contracting activities, Trident is a prime contractor to NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) located in New York City providing scientific, engineering and technology services to NASA in cooperation with Columbia University. The GISS contract is a prestigious contract in which Trident’s joint venture Trinnovim, provides climate and earth science modelling and analysis support services to NASA Goddard. This project is a highly scientific project where we are managing over 20 highly sophisticated scientist on the state of the art research projects.

Trident also has a contract with the NASA Goddard Visitor Center. Under this contract Trident provides Education, STEM Outreach and Administrative management services to the Visitor Center. Other Government or Quasi Government organizations Trident caters to is the US State Department for over 11 years with an IT support contract and the World Bank for implementing Technology Policy services.

Trident has an excellent record of business integrity and ethics and strives to provide the best quality service to its customers and clients.  Currently, Trident holds four NASA GSFC contracts. Its first contract with Goddard was awarded in 2012 to manage and support the Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) in New York through its JV company, Trinnovim, LLC. Through this contract, Trident provides Administrative and Support services to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Agency (NASA) and manages the NASA staff in accomplishing research and development in climate change studies, earth observation and global weather research. Managing this group of highly educated and skilled scientists and personnel has enabled Trident to gain a wealth of experience in managing people and resources efficiently in the government space.  Its second contract, awarded in September 2014, is to manage the NASA Goddard Visitor and Education Center at GSFC. The value of this contract is $4 Million

Its third contract is the Heliophysics Contract for $4 Million awarded in March of 2015 at Goddard through its Joint Venture Trinnovim provides all the necessary scientific support for the laboratory and Trident also provides PMO services to this effort. Trident’s fourth contract at Goddard is the Technology and Integrated Discipline Engineering Services (TIDES) contract for a total value of $114 million which was recently awarded in September of 2015. The TIDES contract has a myriad of Task orders from System Engineering services to Information Technology support services in sizable amounts.

Through these four contracts, its commercial base of customers and its more than three decades of history Trident has a diverse background of Technology experience to support and to perform superbly on the NASA HITSS contract.

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