Information Technology

We provide a host of IT services to various businesses and government agencies. These services include the following:

Cloud Services

Trident provides clients a comprehensive solution to manage their IT operational issues. From Email to Back Office Systems maintenance to implementing a comprehensive Backup solution, Trident ensures a stable and secure IT operating environment for its clients to conduct business in.

Trident Cloud services enable any enterprise to host its software applications in one of Trident's secure data centers in a managed and redundant server environment.

Some of our standard offering currently are:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting
  • Microsoft Window Media Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Hosting
  • Oracle Server Hosting
  • Oracle ebusiness Application Hosting

Cyber Security Services

Trident’s IT Cyber Security Services combine best-of-breed technology, market-leading intellectual capital and experienced security professionals to help organizations plan and implement sound security management solutions. Using standards-based methodologies, Trident provides services covering the complete security management lifecycle, which comprises the following phases: Discovery, Design, Deployment, Management and Training. Providing a sound foundation for the security management lifecycle, Trident’s professional services consultants can help establish and evaluate security policies, design solutions and processes to meet business objectives and educate in-house staff. These highly trained experts are certified information security professionals who provide proven solutions for any organization looking to protect mission-critical information at the network, server and desktop levels.

Trident's range of security services includes the following:

  • Web site Security Reporting & Analysis
  • Firewall Security Service and Firewall appliance implementation services
  • Virtual Private Network Implementation
  • Network Intrusion testing and services
  • Virus Protection Services


What are my critical business information resources? Are these resources vulnerable to attacks? How well are they protected?

Where do I place my information security controls? How to I integrate them into my environment?

What does my security staff need to know? What about my users and my management?

What are my security requirements? Can I improve my policies? Have I done sufficient planning and preparation?

Am I ready to respond to security events? Can I continue to improve my security posture??

Connectivity Services

Trident provides high speed connectivity between its data center and the customer's location or point to point between two locations using a variety of means.

Using state of the art optical fiber connections, we connect offices as far as 50 miles apart or we connect a customer location to one of our many data centers to provide Internet connectivity. This service, commonly known as Metro TLS, is available in most metropolitan areas. Price varies depending on the distance between the endpoints or between our data center and customer's location. Since the connection is 10/100/1000 mbits/sec based Ethernet, the equipment needed on each end is a set of simple managed layer 2 switches communicating in full duplex mode.

The TLS technology far exceeds other connectivity means such as T-1 and T-3 and DSL connections which use lower grade lines to accomplish high speed connections.

Using TLS technologies, your remote offices are now just as near as your next door office. This service is available in major metropolitan areas and must be quoted custom for each location. TLS services can be designed in a star topology or point to point to accommodate many endpoints and to build a WAN network using LAN speeds and technology.

Wireless Microwave Technology Services

The Internet has become rich with multimedia content compelling commercial and residential users to demand more and more cost effective bandwidth every day. Wireless is the only solution that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively for many users.

Trident is the premier Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in the Washington, DC metro area. Using the latest broadband technologies, Trident delivers fixed wireless broadband to users in its operating areas.

Trident utilizes the 5.3 GHz, 5.8 GHz ,900 Mhz and millimeter wave 60 to 80 GHz frequencies to provide wireless connectivity at speeds of up to 4 Gigabits/sec. Fixed broadband equipment is mounted on top of tall buildings with subscriber units mounted on building rooftops or even behind glass windows in offices. Bandwidth is provided in various increments based on the need of users.

A typical installation involves a small subscriber radio unit installed on a pedestal or on a rooftop mount. In cases where the distance is more than 5 miles away from our base unit or there is interference, a dish may be necessary. Purchase speeds can vary from as low as 1 mbits/sec to as high as 4 Gigabits/sec based on the needs of our customers. Trident's wireless service can be used as a company's primary connection to the Internet or its remote sites. It can also be a cost effective backup solution for those who do not wish to rely on their local telco carriers.

Trident is currently installing access points throughout the Washington metro area. Please contact us for availability in your specific region or visit our WISP services web site,, for more information.

Software Development

We develop business software applications using the Microsoft Development. Net technology and the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Our developers have created business applications for clients using Microsoft Dynamics products such as Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP as well as Microsoft SharePoint.

Our developers are experts in creating business workflows using SharePoint technologies and database technology such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database. We also develop interactive application web sites for our clients to help in their supply chain and marketing objectives.

Trident also partners with major software and hardware vendors. It's a certified technology partner of Cisco Systems, Inc. a Microsoft Registered Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner.